We are Pat and Mel. We work at the University of Sheffield. We are doing research funded by the Alzheimer’s Society about what it is like to be a young person or a child who has a mum or dad who has dementia.

There’s lots in the news and on TV at the moment about dementia. You might have read or seen on TV about making the UK a more dementia friendly place, about the needs of people living with dementia, and about the need for better support for carers.

This is all great but there’s been very little attention given to what it’s like when you’re a child or young adult (under 25) and it’s your parent, rather than your grandparent, who is living with dementia. Until now that is!

We have been hearing the stories that children and young people (under 25) who have a parent with dementia have to tell. We hope to make some resources which others in this situation can share and use.

22 children and young people have told us what it is like to have a Mum or Dad with dementia. This includes children aged 7, teenagers and young adults. Some of the young adults grew up with a parent with dementia as a child or teenager, others were in their early twenties when it started. Thank you to everyone who has helped. It has been so lovely for Mel to meet everyone (and Pat is jealous).

Channel 4 News piece on having a parent with dementia

First broadcast: 16/05/2016