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– This short report provides a summary of our findings participant report

– Mel has written a blog post about the research for the Alzheimer’s Society


– Channel 4 News


- Pat wrote this blog post for The Medium – the subject is close to her heart and you might be interested in her daughter’s story.


– The Alzheimer’s Society featured a piece in their magazine Care & Cure. It is great to have this coverage. We would include a question mark after ‘Still Mum/Dad?’ to reflect the fact that one of the things that came up in the interviews was that while they are still your Mum/Dad, dementia can make your parent a very different person.


– We also had a fantastic blog post from dementia campaigner, Wendy Mitchell. Wendy is somewhat of a bigwig in the world of dementia, getting her experiences of having dementia herself out there via her blog. She does a lot with the Alzheimer’s Society and was on BBC Breakfast recently talking about what her life is like. Here is her post about our research on her blog Which Me Am I Today?


– Chris has written for the Huffington Post and been interviewed by the BBC. Read about his experiences here and here.

– Pat has written an article for the Yorkshire Post available here.